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Overview of Tanis Yannetti


Family Law
Tanis Yannetti will handle every aspect of your family law matter. With over 18 years of experience in marital dissolution proceedings, complex property division, child custody, paternity, marital settlement agreements, and domestic violence cases, you will feel confident that you will be well represented by Ms. Yannetti. Her clients include individuals from all public and private professions.

Criminal Law
Tanis Yannetti takes a very peronsal approach to defending felony and misdemeanor cases. She takes the time to know her clients, identify factual and legal issues, locate concerns regarding consitutional rights, assess scientific and forensic questions, and enlist the assistance of forensic and mental health experts when necessary. She understands the importance of building a trusting attorney / client relationship in order for a criminal case to be successful.

Restraining Orders & Harassment Orders

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